fun with pygame

Next year my son will turn 4. I have quit playing computer games for a pretty long time now, but recently i questioned myself: what will be the first computer game hes going to play? Why not create a simple game by myself?

Living on the landside, his attention has been drawn to farming machines for quite some time now and that topic never grows old for him, which makes for a perfect game setting.

The game logic should be pretty simple: A tiling 2d jump game where you have to make an tractor jump over appearing objects. Different vehicles and backgrounds to choose and a set of “lives” with randomly generated “coins” which you have to catch to undo happened failures.

Never having done anything related to pygame the learning curve has been quite good so far :-)

The part i spent most time with was searching for free assets and pixel art which im able to use. Gimp also made me lose quite some hair while failing to canvas/crop images to the right size so the placements within the different maps matched..

I used pyinstaller to make it somewhat portable (needs to run on windows too) and building the artifacts using github actions was quite a nice experience.. Lets see where this goes next, lots of ideas come to my mind :)

image image image image

Written on October 27, 2022